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Harris & Associates, a Los Angeles Law Firm focused on Litigation


Whether the dispute involves municipalities and special districts or private sector businesses of any size, Harris & Associates has a strong track record in the vigorous representation and defense of our clients in the courts.


Our litigators focus on developing an understanding of issues and procedural requirements necessary to meet those goals no matter what the controversy or the stakes.

We have extensive experience with legal and business issues including personal injury, property damage, premises liability and economic loss. Representing insurance companies, private businesses, and governmental entities, our years of experience gained through a defense-directed practice allow us to quickly and correctly analyze issues, risks, and exposures for litigation. We anticipate and vigorously defend claims for damages, including class actions and multi-party, multi-jurisdictional matters. Whether in discovery, deposition, or trial, we aggressively protect our clients' interests by putting in the necessary preparation, asking hard questions, and revealing the weaknesses in our opponent's position.


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